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gunner n : a serviceman in the artillery [syn: artilleryman, cannoneer, machine gunner]

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  1. Artillery soldier, or such who holds private rank. Abbreviated Gnr.
  2. A person who operates a gun.
  3. An excessive go-getter; one exhibiting over-ambition.

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Gunner may refer to:
  • Gunners, a successful South Australian under 16's 5-a-side indoor soccer team
  • Gunner (rank), a rank equivalent to private in the British Royal Artillery and other Commonwealth artillery corps
  • Any member of an artillery corps
  • Any individual operating a crew-served weapon, such as an artillery piece, anti-tank guided missile launcher or automatic grenade launcher
  • A non-commissioned member of the British RAF Regiment
  • An air gunner
  • A Chief Warrant Officer of the United States Marine Corps serving in the Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) 0306 (Infantry Weapons Officer)
  • Formerly a gunnery Warrant Officer of the British Royal Navy or Royal Marines
  • Paintball Gunner a specialist in paintball, particularly Woodsball who uses a Paintball marker, with a high rate of fire.
  • Gunner (cocktail), a cocktail particularly drunk in the Far East
  • The Gunners, a nickname for the British Royal Artillery
  • The Gunners, a nickname for Arsenal F.C., a London football club
  • Gunner (American football), an American football player who specializes in quickly running down the field to tackle a kick returner during kickoffs and punts
  • The Gunner, a popular nickname given to former Pittsburgh Pirates announcer Bob Prince
  • A character class in some Final Fantasy games
  • Gunner (student) is an often used slang term in medical school or law school to describe a hyper-competitive student.
  • Gunner Palace, a 2005 documentary film about American troops in Iraq
  • Gunner, nickname given to Indian Navy Gunnery Sailor or Gunnery Officer
  • "Guns", nickname given to Gunnery officer of a ship in the British Commonwealth tradition
  • Gunner nickname for Guns N' Roses fans
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Nimrod, aerial photographer, aircrew, aircrewman, archer, artillerist, artilleryman, avigator, bakehead, belly gunner, black gang, boilerman, bomb thrower, bombardier, bomber, bowman, bungs, cabin boy, cannoneer, carabineer, chips, commissary steward, complement, crack shot, crew, crew chief, dead shot, deadeye, deckhand, deckie, fireman, flight attendant, flight crew, good shot, gun, gun loader, gunman, hand, hospital steward, hostess, hunter, landing signalman, machine gunner, mail orderly, marksman, markswoman, meteorologist, musketeer, navigator, oiler, purser, radio operator, rifleman, roustabout, sharpshooter, shooter, shot, snip, sniper, snips, sparks, steward, stewardess, stoker, targetshooter, torpedoman, toxophilite, trapshooter, watch, yeoman
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